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Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid, so its packaging is very important considering the factors like cost, environment, storage, and shipping.

Chemical Min World Ltd has 4 types of Bitumen Packages:

1- Bulkers & Bitutainers (Bitumen Vessel – Terminal – Tanker)

Max capacity of tank 25~45 (m3),Max weight of tank 4000~7800(kg),Dimensions of tank 6058*2438*2591(mm),12192*2438*2591(mm)Application pressure of tank 0.1(Mpa),Application temperature of tank 250 Furnished at the top with nitrogen valve to prevent asphalt aging As standard transportation of 20ft and 40ft ISO tank container Installed with high-quality heat-insulated device and solid shell Selectable hot oil heater pipe can centralize the system to use oil furnace for indirect heating, or use flues in the combustor or burners for direct heating Pump system selectable An ideal choice for seaway, highway and railway transport .

2- New Steel Drum Bitumen Packing

Chemical Mine World Ltd normally use New Steel Drums for packing.
These steel drums are used for transporting and packing liquids and pasty materials like bitumen. Although new steel drums are preferred to bulk trade, they are still more expensive comparing to jumbo bags (steel is more expensive than plastic).

3- Bitumen Jumbo Bags and PolyBag Packing

Chemical Mine World Ltd Polybags are made of two layers of Polymer as well as an extra internal layer. These Polybags can be easily melted in melting machine along with bitumen.
Bitumen PolyBag weights: 25KG, 50KG, 300 KG, 800 KG and 1000 KG.
Jumbo bag is a large flexible multi-layer bag which is called bitu-plast, bitu-bag.
Bitumen Jumbo Bags weight: 1000 KG.

4-Bitumen flexi Tank Packing

Flexitank is a type of bitumen and liquid petrochemical packing. It is suitable for non-corrosive and non-hazardous liquid products.flexitanks are made of polyethylene and polypropylene. which are filled with more than 120 degrees into it.
capacity of Flexitank is14000 to 24000 liters that can be placed in a 20 ft. container.

5- Bitumen Carton packing

can be filled immediately with the hot bitumen mass, which can then cool or solidify directly in the boxes.Another advantage of the lids is that the filled bitumen boxes can be stacked for shipping to their destination.
Each carton has the capacity of 25kg.

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